The best thing about a lawyer is that he will be there when nobody else is.
Rooland Dumas, French lawyer and politician - 1922 (in "Advocacia- As melhores citações" by Helena Resende Silva, Printed in May 2004, pag 37
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A dinamic and flexible team, proficient in various legal fields in order to satisfy our clients needs.

The Firm

L&A is a law firm founded in 2009 which aims to provide real value to our clients in the provision of legal services.

We believe that substance prevails over form, the content over the packaging, and the product or service over the brand.

We know that the practice of law is essentially an intellectual activity. The human factor is, therefore, the key element in our profession and the sole guarantee of its success.

We are willing to forgo what is not strictly necessary, thereby reducing our costs and consequently those of our business partners and clients to a minimum while preserving the required level of quality in the provision of our services.

These are the values that guide our activity and our way of working.

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