The best thing about a lawyer is that he will be there when nobody else is.
Rooland Dumas, French lawyer and politician - 1922 (in "Advocacia- As melhores citações" by Helena Resende Silva, Printed in May 2004, pag 37
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Legal Assistance to Companies in Difficulty

In view of the current economic environment of the Portuguese market, there is a high number of companies that are going through economic and financial difficulties.

These companies have distinct legal needs regarding their relationship with the tax, social security authorities and remaining creditors, as well as with regard to the respective managers and directors who are subject to legal duties attaching to their positions in the company, whose violation may generate personal liability, both civil and criminal.

Currently, the Portuguese legal regime provides for alternative means of dealing with an insolvency, which are aimed at keeping the business going of companies which though economically viable are experiencing difficulties due to the financial and economic crisis.

In order for these alternative means to be used successfully in practice, it is crucial that legal advice is sought as soon as possible so as to be able to act in a timely manner.