The best thing about a lawyer is that he will be there when nobody else is.
Rooland Dumas, French lawyer and politician - 1922 (in "Advocacia- As melhores citações" by Helena Resende Silva, Printed in May 2004, pag 37
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A dinamic and flexible team, proficient in various legal fields in order to satisfy our clients needs.

Family, Minors and Inheritance

L&A also provides legal assistance to private clients.

Thus, we represent our clients in this area in matters concerning divorces and legal separation, regulation of parental responsibilities, inheritance issues, including among others the drafting of wills, the partitioning of the inheritance and judicial inventory.

In view of the sensitivity of these matters, we tend to favour negotiated solutions for judicial cases without compromising the defence of the legitimate rights and interests of our clients in the negotiation of those agreements.