The best thing about a lawyer is that he will be there when nobody else is.
Rooland Dumas, French lawyer and politician - 1922 (in "Advocacia- As melhores citações" by Helena Resende Silva, Printed in May 2004, pag 37
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A dinamic and flexible team, proficient in various legal fields in order to satisfy our clients needs.

Commercial and Corporate Law

Every company needs legal advice, either in general or in regard to specific aspects of its activity.

L&A is particularly suited to providing legal support to small and medium sized companies, having been structured with the aim of providing response to the need of those companies to combine the quality and effectiveness of legal services with reasonable costs.

In this area, L&A advises on the negotiation and drafting of contracts, preparation and registration of the resolutions of the company organs, as well as amongst others in labour and tax related matters, including in general all matters required by the day-to-day management of a company.